Last updated: 12.02.2004

[ My Code ]

I've coded a tiny perl(shell) script, for monitoring list of ips.
The thing this script do is to read a file given from the shell promtp, and after that to monitor this ips.
You can put this script in background and leave it like this, so you can get the status after that.

The file syntax is like this:<=>file.txt or<=>up $ip at $date<=>down $ip at $date
you can be notifyed at email or save in .txt file!

The main problem of this script is that it requires a "fping" packet.
If you have r00t at the machine it's not a problem, otherwise it is!!!
I'm planing implementing it to work with plain ping utility, but when I have time.
Please enjoy the life and send me mails to to make me happy you used this.
Thank you all!
For comments and patches, send me mails.

You can grab it here
This is actualy my personal web page.

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