Last updated: 24 06 2002

[ About Me ]

Hello my name is Anton but you can call me valqk.
In english this means steamroller...
I'm coding in PHP, a little bit of PERL and a little bit of C.

[ My Code ]

I don't have much time and I'm kind of lazy so i don't update very often.
Be patient.
If somebody has inetrest to view my codes look here:

Patched sasacct to work with ipfw(2) on freebsd 4.10(tested , up and working perfect)! You go here

Log in database tool for websites. Also avaliable at ,

A monitoring script for online status written in perl, using fping(8). You go here

Visit my home page - Actually this is kind of a projects webpage, but it is not completed.
This is actualy my personal web page.
Some other codes when i upload them! :)
Here is another palce, where you can see some other project if I've forgot to upload them here. To do: Soon I'll put here a website navigation tool.

[ Contacts ]

Write me at:

channel : #phm
nickname: valqk

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