This project is now part of sasacct since version 1.0.1
For future releases refer to sasacct's page.
Sastragraph is a program writen for doing traffic accounting via snmp.
The program uses Tobias Oetiker's rrdtool, for generating graphics, and is similar to
those produced by mrtg 2.x as seen at the example below
In also produces logfile with traffic statistics wich is the same as those
produced by sasacct wich means that you can use the sasacct's cgi script and some of it's
options (-g for generating graphics , or htmlmaker for generating html files)
to combine the two packages and organize your accounting

but if you're familiar with rrdrool you can make very usefull and nice
looking graphics using the rrd databases already created by sastragraph.Here's an example for such
a graphic, wich is light version of the power that rrdtool gives.


Latest is 0.2

You also need Net::SNMP module, available at CPAN or here.

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