Cimon is a package for monitoring the load on cisco family
products via snmp. It monitors and displays the cpu 5 minutes
utilization in percents and free+used Processor memory.
The I/O memory(usualy 2 MB) or Fast on high end routers
is being monitored too, but there isn't graphic for it.
Cimon is good source for information about your router's health.
From version 0.2 cimon can do ip accounting using the cisco ip accounting feature.
The logfiles that it generates as the rrd files needed for the graphics are fully
compatible with those produced by sasacct (SAS's accounting statistics).
so you can use it's cgi interface also it's posibility to generate graphics on demand
or on a user defined interval (via crontab and -g option).
This project is now part of sasacct since version 1.0.1
For future releases refer to sasacct's page.


Latest is 0.3


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