[LTCU Projects]

LTCU - Little Tiny Cute and Usefull - that is what we want from our programs

saswire - checks files for modifications
sasacct - MultyOS traffic accounting
sasacct ipfw version by Anton Blajev
sastragraph - Graphs Router's Traffic - uses snmp and rrdtool
xmms-web-control - a CGI script which controls almost everything in your XMMS(except for the equalizer)
cimon - monitors cpu and memory usage on cisco routers
webnailer - a perl script that generates thumbnails from the directory it is placed into
netacct-mysql - modified version of net-acct to work with mysql database
login_db - Login database tool for websites


Every Saturday - 20.30 at "Don Kihot" Pub


For contacts: sasvirco (at) gmail (dot) com


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